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Portugal climbs 13 places in the best places to be in the era of COVID-19 - Coronavirus

Portugal climbs 13 places in the best places to be in the era of COVID-19 – Coronavirus

Every month, Bloomberg does the math to get an overview of the best and worst places in the COVID-19 era. The so-called Covid Resilience Ranking, which takes into account 11 indicators, including the number of cases, deaths, the distribution of vaccines, and the freedom of movement of people, shows that the virus has been managed more effectively. In Portugal, the improvements were noticeable.

Portugal, which was at 42nd in January, slipped to 44th in February, which is why it is one of the worst places ever. However, it improved in March, when it climbed to 36th and now reveals a brighter scenario: With data available as of April 25, the country moved up 13 places and is now 23rd in the ranking.

Bloomberg notes that this escalation in Portugal is occurring at a time when the country is gradually relaxing measures of social distancing, with schools opening and more stores – this “after it faced one of the worst outbreaks in the world in January.”

New Zealand, which has always been at the top of the table, pulled out of the lead and slipped back to second after being overtaken by Singapore – which climbed one spot compared to last month.

Australia remained the third best place in this era of pandemic. Next, in the remaining top five, Israel and Taiwan.

If there is a lesson to be learned from April, Bloomberg says, it is that vaccination alone is not sufficient to contain the epidemic.

Examples include the cases of France and Chile, where people have good access to vaccines, but both have slipped down due to an increase in the number of COVID-19 infections – mainly due to virus mutations.

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And although more than a billion doses have been administered worldwide, vaccines are not reaching the adequate level in poor countries, such as India – where new cases of coronavirus have reached record levels.

It is among the 53 major economies in the ranking [todas com um PIB superior a 200 mil milhões de dólares]Brazil is the worst place to be.

The Bloomberg ranking update was published the day Portugal announced that it had not recorded any deaths related to covid-19 within 24 hours, which It happens for the first time in seven months.

Portugal records 70.4 cases of COVID-19 per 100,000 residents in 14 days, one of the lowest levels in all of Europe.

This Monday, Prime Minister Antonio Costa said that if all goes well and the data confirms this, Portugal will enter from May 3 in what may be A “final” phase of deflation.

* Com Bloomberg