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With the pandemic and empty pockets, two jurors have rented out rooms to tourists - Nacional

With the pandemic and empty pockets, two jurors have rented out rooms to tourists – Nacional

Maria Sampaio, 36, and Gonzalo Cabral, 30, are judges of TVI’s “All Together Now”, and they are tired of spreading good moods and kisses and caresses between you, at Sala Tejo do Altice Arena, in Lisbon.

The actress and singer, who ranked second on TVI’s ‘A Tua Cara Não Me Estranha’, revealed in 2017 to ‘TV Guia’ that she accepted the station’s invitation only because the show “bears Christina’s stamp. [Ferreira]”:

Gonzalo and I were very conservative about accepting. In that we were very sincere. Then we saw the international form and thought: If this has Christina’s stamp, it must be fine. It does not play in the service and there have to be really good competitors. The fact that she was the one who gave us gave us safety, and even blindly, we accepted the challenge. “

And Maria Sampaio assures to the same magazine that she did not regret it. “Nothing. It was a great experience. The judges were very loyal to their principles and we have some competitors who won us over, not so much for their vocal skills, but because of the good vocals they gave us,” he admitted, adding that he felt “par excellence”. He explains why: “The weather in the breaks was great. We would sing together, and sometimes, were it not for the masks and some distance, we felt like we were all together at the ‘Lux’ disco.. Moreover, since when could 100 people have been safely together at an event? “

Punished by “your face …”

Christina Ferrera’s invitation to these projects on TVI comes at a time when the artist was struggling for success in the field of acting. “After taking second place in “A Tua Cara …” people got the idea that Mariah had a big voice, she is no longer an actress, and now she is a singer. Suddenly, I ran out of opportunities in the novel, I recorded a solo song and was more attached to the theater, ”she says, lamenting an equal position with her husband:“ Gonzalo is a dancer, he made TV series, but he stuck to a dancing image and stopped receiving invitations to series. ”

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The worst happened when the epidemic broke out. “Gonzalo was in the musical” Chicago “, which was put on hold, and suddenly we panicked, and stopped, both of them without work,” explaining how he survived this tsumani in the field of culture: “As I am lucky, I had supportive family members. My dad is from Alentejo in love with Gerais and he has a house there, in Río Caldo, that closed six years ago. Gonçalo and my husband’s son-in-law started the business. We did the business, redesigned everything and opened the Geres house in the summer, which is country tourism. And this business is to stay. We are establishing the company, and we will buy the house, and the guests are almost family. “

You can read the full article in this week’s TV Guide, already on newsstands.