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France provides India with "substantial oxygen subsidies" - economy

France provides India with “substantial oxygen subsidies” – economy

A source close to the executive explained that this assistance should translate into sending fans, which is rare in India, without giving further details.

Daily cases of Covid-19 virus have reached a record 899,700 in the past 24 hours, more than a third of them concentrated in India, according to World Health Organization data.

According to EFE News, on the last day, India reported 346,000 new infections.

With these new records, global cases since the start of the epidemic have reached 145 million, without a hint, for now, of the height of the fourth global wave.

Total deaths 3.07 million, 14,000 of them in the past 24 hours, and of these, 2,600 were recorded in India and 2,000 in Brazil.

The high infection rate of the Indian variant, which has already been detected in countries such as Switzerland, Belgium or the United Kingdom, is of particular concern to the World Health Organization, at a time when vaccines are slowly and unevenly advancing, but have already exceeded 1,000 million marks. Dose administered worldwide.

The United States is the country with the most vaccines, 225 million, followed by China (218 million) and India (138 million), while 128 million doses were vaccinated in the European Union, 44 million in the United Kingdom and Brazil 37 million.

Relatively speaking, Israel is the country with the largest dose per 100 inhabitants (approximately 120), followed by the United Arab Emirates (103), Chile (73), Bahrain (68) and the United States and the United Kingdom (both with 67).

However, the daily condition curve has been slowing down slowly for a few weeks in American and European cases and continues to increase dramatically in South Asia, due to the high incidence of infection in India.

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