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The UK Parliament declares genocide in Xinjiang; China Matches | The world

Oh Parliament Britain heard that on Wednesday UK Take action to end what the legislators described Genocide In the region Xinjiang, Ann China, Should put more pressure on ministers in criticizing Beijing.

But Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s government has again refrained from announcing genocide over what it considers “industrial-scale” abuses. Human rights Of the community uigur Muslim in Xinjiang. Ministers say any decision on whether to declare genocide is up to the courts.

So far, the British government has imposed sanctions on some Chinese officials and introduced rules to prevent products linked to the region from entering the supply chain, but most lawmakers want ministers to go further.

Members of parliament supported a resolution by Conservative parliamentarian Nusrat Ghani, urging the government to use international law to end crimes against humanity and genocide in Xinjiang.

Support for the proposal is not bound, that is, it is up to the government to decide what action to take next.

The Chinese embassy in the United Kingdom condemned the parliamentary move and called on Britain to take “decisive action” in order to respect China’s central interests.

“The unjustified accusation of a few British parliamentarians that there is ‘genocide’ in Xinjiang is the most absurd lie of this century, a blatant insult and contempt for the Chinese people and a blatant violation of international law and the fundamental rules governing international relations,” the embassy said in a statement dated Friday.

Some lawmakers fear Britain will lose momentum with China’s allies after the US government backed Joe Biden’s decision to consider the Beijing genocide in Xinjiang.