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The mother of Jose Vidalgo's daughter threatens to sue the actor for divulging the girl's picture - Nacional

The mother of Jose Vidalgo’s daughter threatens to sue the actor for divulging the girl’s picture – Nacional

The mother of Jose Vidalgo’s daughter, Nadia Novoa, threatened the actor with legal action sOr they post pictures of their 7-year-old daughter, Maria.

Mozambican architect And she sent a statement to “Maria” magazine explaining this He turned to lawyers After the actor They posted pictures of the girl on social media, It is assumed without prior permission from the mother.

“This fact and position are known to the Father, who knows this very well The mother always refused permission for any kind of disclosure of the daughter’s photos For privacy and security reasons, read the smaller “m” in the note.

“I cannot help but regret, as the mother and the legal guardian of the child, the fact that this situation is against her will, as she faces the exposure and publication of the identity and photos of her daughter Maria, which was published by the media, social networks, etc., which exposes the child to potential risks, which makes such The act is a crime punishable by law, “he said.

Jose Vidaljo
Photo: Instagram

So far, Nádia Nóvoa continues to demand that the photos be deletedBut it threatens to refer the case to Gotica.

“It is therefore required and awaits the withdrawal of the said publications So that the mother does not have to resort to judicial means For the sake of due accountability for those who insist on enduring these irresponsible behaviors that violate the legal and constitutional rights of the child under their guardianship.

Fidalgo ignores threats

Nádia Nóvoa also revealed that she left a comment on the actor’s Instagram, asking him to delete the photos he posted on her daughter’s birthday, but José Fidalgo would have deleted the comment shortly before Nádia was blocked on that network.

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In statements to “Maria”, The SIC star has confirmed that he is waiting for Nadia’s lawyer. “I don’t like it and I don’t usually comment on my private life. What I can say is that as far as my daughter is concerned, I did everything and I will do it as a father, and that won’t change anything. If the mother says she hired lawyers here, I will wait.”

Jose Vidalgo is reported to have an eldest son, Lourenco, who is 11 years old, as a result of his marriage to Fernanda Marinho, who appears frequently on social networks.

But the children’s privacy case has already left A gentleman who lives in a tight skirt. In February 2019, the actor was inChristina ProgramWhere he was surprised by a video message from his son. On the top Jose Vidalgo did not hide his annoyance at the announcer’s surprise.

“When I encountered it, I had to say. On my daughter’s side, I am not used to being publicly disclosed, so I have to respect my personal life. I cannot have two zippers and two scales. Christina put me in a boring position, He later admitted to “TV Guia”.