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Flahovi دي de Triunfo Vital Fiorentina and holds Aspera from Lazio ::

Flahovi دي de Triunfo Vital Fiorentina and holds Aspera from Lazio ::

Fiorentina received and defeated Lazio last Saturday with two balls to zero, b to From Dusan Vlahovic, who temporarily rose to 13th place and made a big step towards maintenance in Serie A, Lazio saw the goal of reaching Top 5 It becomes more difficult to achieve.

The Romanian team gave Polish goalkeeper Dragowski a lot of work, but the hosts fought back and jumped ahead of the observation mark in the 32nd minute, with Valhovi after a decisive pass from Biraghi.

Lazio continued to search for goals after the end of the first half, but he could not even reach a draw and Fiorentina would still reach the second goal. Pezela and Vlahovic threatened, Immobile was close to skewing the goal on the other side of the field and it was Vlahoviوفيت who scored again, in the 89th minute, with a header. Lazio will still drop to ten due to Andreas Pereira’s dismissal.

The victory allows Fiorentina to add seven more points temporarily than the first team in the relegation zone, Benevento, and this team has 12 points to compete until the end of the race. Sixth-placed Lazio are five points away from Atalanta, Juventus and Milan, a trio who could benefit from this journey to keep away from the Romans.

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