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Covid-19: Brazil records 63.4 thousand new infections and 2.2 thousand deaths

Covid-19: Brazil records 63.4 thousand new infections and 2.2 thousand deaths

So far, Brazil has recorded 421,316 deaths from COVID-19. Within 24 hours, 2,202 deaths and 63,430 new cases were confirmed. In total, 151,458,799 cases have been diagnosed in the country.

The total number of people recovered was 1,3677,668 – 90.3% of the total number of people infected with the new coronavirus.

There are still 3,706 deaths under investigation by health teams, data from yesterday. This is because there are cases where the diagnosis of the cause does not appear until after the patient dies.

Epidemiological Bulletin 08.05.2021

The data are on the Ministry of Health’s daily balance sheet issued late in the day (8). The balance is derived from data on cases and deaths raised by local health authorities.

a rating Among the states with the largest number of deaths due to COVID-19 are São Paulo (100,649), Rio de Janeiro (46,374) and Minas Gerais (35,750). The federal units with the lowest number of deaths are Roraima (1,546), Amapa (1,580) and Acre (1,585).

In terms of confirmed cases, São Paulo also tops 2.9 million. Next appear Minas Gerais, with 1.4 million cases, and Rio Grande do Sul, with just over a million cases. The state least affected by the Covid-19 virus is Acre, 79.2 thousand, followed by Roraima (98.1 thousand) and Amaba (107.5 thousand).


As of tonight, 77.9 million doses of vaccines have been distributed. Of this total, 46.3 million doses were applied, 31.3 million from the first dose and 14.9 million from the second dose. Data from the Ministry of Health.

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