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Five questions about Covid protection masks

Five questions about Covid protection masks


1. Does using two masks protect you better from the Corona virus?

Using one mask over the other increases the number of barriers against the virus, because the higher the number of physical barriers, the greater the effectiveness. Scientists consider it a good option to use a surgical mask and a tissue mask on top, which provides a better fit for the face. “The goal is to improve fit, because the better the mask fits, the more protective it is. The surgical mask filters virus particles well, while the mask improves fit. Experiments by the US CDC found that using a double mask can reduce exposure Of infectious particles by more than 95% if the infected and uninfected person uses two masks, “notes Christina de Oliveira Rodriguez, a physician with experience in infectious and parasitic diseases from the UFPR Paraná Federal University. PFF2 samples should not be combined with another mask.

Five questions about Covid protection masks
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2. How do I know the mask protects?

Dr. Cristina de Oliveira Rodriguez emphasizes that adjusting the mask to the face is fundamental to protecting people and others. To see if the attachment is doing its job, he points to a simple test: “Put your hands around the outer edges of the mask. If there is airflow in the areas near the eyes and on the sides, that means it has not adjusted well. If it fits well, you will feel the air.” The warmth passes through the front of the mask, and you will be able to see the material moving in and out with every breathing movement. ”

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Which mask to use: cloth, surgical, or PFF2?

3. What are the situations that require the most protection?

According to the doctor, the situations that require more attention and maximum protection are: riding in an airplane, bus, train, or any other form of public transportation, especially if there is no way to keep a distance of at least one and a half meters from other people; Covid-19 patient care; Work in jobs that require interaction with large numbers of people; And members of the risk group in any circumstances. It emphasizes that the use should be part of an overall business strategy. “It is essential to combine the use of masks with measures such as physical distance, avoid lumps, maintain well-ventilated environments, and clean your hands well.”

Emmanuel Maltimbi de Souza, a biochemist with experience in the field of molecular biology, recalls the constant care not to touch the eyes, mouth and nose. It is believed that using the mask correctly, and completely covering the mouth and nose, are among the most important precautions. “You don’t know when you will be near an infected person. Using the mask correctly is the greatest amount of care we must take, as well as respecting the environment and people. It is a moral and legal obligation.”

Five questions about Covid protection masks
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4. What should be the main focus of protection?

It is becoming increasingly clear to scientists that the main form of transmission of the coronavirus is from person to person through air and aerosol particles. “Surface transmission is possible, but it is not very relevant. To avoid this type of transmission, the most effective way is to wash your hands,” evaluates Emmanuel Maltimbi de Souza, Chair of the UFPR Coronavirus Spread Control and Control Committee.

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For this reason, experts advise that care should be focused on the possibility of transmission through the air. “Washing packages was important at a certain time for people to become aware. But today, it is no longer necessary. Removing clothes and shoes when returning home should not be a primary concern. The greatest persistence of the virus on metal surfaces. The biochemist warns that” Washing your hands after touching these places really solves the problem.

There is still a lot to discover about this virus that has been circulating among us for just over a year, but most experts agree on one thing: Always wear a mask! “It is important to follow all recommendations, but using any type of mask correctly is much better than not using any other type,” Souza asserts.

“Any mask has more protection against airborne droplets than no mask. In addition, its use avoids contact with hands – which may be contaminated – with the mouth and nose area,” says Herbert Weinchoffer, a chemist with a focus on non-chemistry. Organic, supramolecular chemistry and nanotechnology.

5. How to use the mask correctly?

Sanitize your hands before applying the mask, before removing it, and at any time after touching it. Choose a mask that fits perfectly. This is the main point. Make sure the mask fits well on your face, covering your nose, mouth, and chin.

During use, do not touch the mask. If you need to adjust, use the sides or handles and clean your hands afterward. Change the mask every two to three hours, or earlier if wet.

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When removing the mask, store it in a clean plastic bag. If it is made of cloth, wash it after use. If it can be disposed of, dispose of it in a suitable trash bin.

Do not use masks with exhalation valves, as they can contaminate people around you if you are infected. (With information from Sucom UFPR)

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