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Campinas has a low commitment to influenza vaccination and cautions against immunizing children and pregnant women  Campinas and the region

Campinas has a low commitment to influenza vaccination and cautions against immunizing children and pregnant women Campinas and the region

The flu vaccination campaign is nearing the end of a month, and the low adherence to phase 1 groups, especially children and pregnant women, worries the Ministry of Health in Campinas (SP). Without a scheduled “D-Day” due to the coronavirus pandemic, health centers that open on Saturdays allow the immunization of residents of any part of the city See locations throughout the story.

The vaccination coverage for children from 6 months to less than 6 years old is 39.2%. There are 31,255 vaccinations against a total of 79,700 expected, in the face of the face-to-face seasons scenario of the pandemic and recovery period respiratory problems.

The data is from the city council’s most recent balance sheet, which was consolidated from April 12th through last Thursday (6). In an interview with St 1 On Friday (7), Health Surveillance Department nurse Patricia Rego warned of the dangers of children contracting the flu.

“Immunization also prevents them from contracting respiratory diseases due to the effects and allows them to make a differential diagnosis of Covid. It prevents them from getting sick, having to seek health services, and avoiding hospitalization. Mothers and fathers should take their children to get vaccinated,” says the responsible nurse.

The flu vaccine protects against three types of influenza: H1N1, H3N2 and B – Photo: Fernanda Vieira / G1

Another worrying group, according to Davisa, is pregnant women. In all, 4,006 have taken the ban as of May 6, which equates to 36.6% of the target audience, which is 11,000 women.

“The complicating factor for them is the respiratory condition. A pregnant woman is already more vulnerable, and she needs to avoid hospitalization. We estimate that she has been disrupted for a month and we expect an increase in demand in the coming weeks.”

Vaccine – a single dose to prevent influenza A – H1N1, influenza A – H3N2 and influenza B – does not cause influenza and does not usually cause negative reactions. Immunity is not guaranteed until 15 days after submitting the application.

Covering the vaccination in the first phase of the campaign

According to the nurse in charge, the group of women who delivered a baby in the last 45 days (postpartum women) increased in the last week and had 48.8% commitment. There are 877 flu vaccinations, to an audience of 1.8,000.

Immunization of health professionals remains slow, with 31.5% of vaccination coverage, but Divisa indicates that the group is in the vaccination phase against Covid-19. A period of one month between this vaccine and the flu is necessary. See the behavior of each campaign group in the table below.

Influenza Campaign: Vaccination Coverage from April 12th to May 6th

Collection Doses applied Total audience Cover the vaccination
after birth 877 1.800 48.80%
Young 31.255 79.700 39.20%
Pregnancy 4.006 11,000 36,60%
Health workers 16.501 52.500 31.50%
sum 52.609 145,000 36.28%

Vaccinate on Saturday

Since last Monday (3), the city has partnered with Unimed to Application of anti-influenza doses in the CIS in Guanabara aimed exclusively at health professionals. Hours of operation are 8 a.m. to 6 p.m., Monday through Saturday, until May 14.

It is not necessary to make an appointment, but it is important to bring evidence of coronavirus vaccination to check the time interval between dates.

For other categories in the first stage, The Health Centers (CS) open on Saturdays are an option regardless of where you live in CampinasBecause it’s a vaccination campaign, Divisa explained. See what CS is:

  • CS Parque Valença – Rua Natale Bertucci, 20 – Parque Valença I.
  • CS Florence – Rua Osvaldo Peralva, s / n – Jardim Florence
  • CS Capivari – Rua Padre Eustáquio, 229 – Jardim Capivari
  • CS Santa Lúcia – Rua São Benedito, 50 – Jardim Santa Lúcia
  • CS Vista Alegre – Avenida Cinembo, 903 – Viracopos University Park
  • CS União dos Bairros – Rua Margarida Occhiena, s / nº – Núcleo Residencial Vila Vitória
  • CS DIC 1 – Rua Igarapé, 1400 – DIC I
  • CS Santo Antônio – Avenida João Prata Vieira, s / n – Parque Vista Alegre
  • CS Vila Ipê – Rua Synira de Arruda Valente, 1400 – Jardim dos Oliveiras
  • CS São Quirino – Avenida Diogo Álvares, 1450 – São Quirino Park
  • CS Jardim Aurélia – Avenida Dona Licínia Teixeira de Sousa, 331 – Vila Proost de Souza

The influenza vaccine is being applied for free in health centers – Photo: clone / EPTV

The next step starts on May 11th

Starting next Tuesday (11), in the second phase of the influenza campaign, the elderly and teachers from private public schools will be able to receive vaccinations. They must attend health centers, there are 67 spread across the capital and You can search for the closest one on the city council website.

  • Phase 1 – April 12: Children, pregnant women, postpartum, indigenous people and health workers
  • Phase 2 – May 11: Seniors and teachers
  • Third phase – June 9: other priority groups

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