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Find out who will be vaccinated this Wednesday

Find out who will be vaccinated this Wednesday

People who took their first dose of Coronavac until April 19th will also get the vaccination tomorrow

A resident is vaccinated in the capital. (Photo: Casey Inoa)

After progressing to 51-year-olds, vaccination was suspended on Tuesday (08) against covid-19 by age standard again in Campo Grande. Tomorrow (09) the city will resume immunizing pregnant and postpartum women until 45 days after childbirth.

People who have taken their first dose of Coronavac through April 19 will also be able to go to immunization points, which will only work in the afternoon.

The second dose of Coronavac will only be applied in Seleta and IMPCG. Sisao (municipal secretariat Health) asserts that immunization of pregnant women should be subject to a prescription after an individual assessment of risks and benefits. Therefore, it is recommended to submit a permit at the time of vaccination according to the technical note of the Ministry of Health.

Pregnant and postpartum women will be cared for in Selita and in 13 primary and health care units. Health Families are spread across the seven metropolitan areas and municipal districts. The municipality is waiting to receive new doses to expand them according to the age group and continue to serve the priority masses.

The vaccinated public should register in advance scheduling system, to avoid queues and crowding. Access via the website:

immunization – According to Vacinometer, the platform of the Secretariat that monitors the progress of immunization in the capital, today (08) 7,836 people were vaccinated in the capital. In all, 323,151 received the first dose of the disease-immunizing agent and 132,576 completed vaccination with both doses.

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Check vaccination locations and times for Tuesday, June 9:

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