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Peppa Peta reveals an unpublished photo of her mother: an 'example of a woman'

Peppa Peta reveals an unpublished photo of her mother: an ‘example of a woman’

Socialite Bibá Pitta shared, via Instagram, an unpublished photo of her mother, Piedade Viterbo Pitta.

This Tuesday, the eighth, is especially nostalgic for pita pita. Using Instagram, the socialThe 55-year-old shared an old photo of his mother, Piedade Viterbo Beta, and ended up remembering his mother in the record description.

“She was a beautiful woman, very modern, very ahead of fashion trends…she was the fashion! She managed to combine checks and checkers, with lace, and she was always pretty! She was dazzling wherever she went,” began by noting Bibá Pitta, explaining this photo, Which has never been posted before, on Instagram social.

“Before she left the house dressed, she came to my house to show herself and she was always clapping. She taught me, always, that I should take care of myself and feel beautiful. She gave me all the tools to be safe and confident. A woman and confident! He was the epitome of a mother, a woman, a friend… I miss you, my dear mother, I cried at the end.

Remember that Pippa Peta’s mother passed away in March 2014.

Now see the unpublished photo of Peppa Pita’s mother, in the photo gallery we have prepared for you.

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