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Excitement in France! Milik shoots, but Marseille is out with a fourth league! [WIDEO] Pika nona

Arcadius Milic He was a key player in the Olympic de Marseille for the 2020/2021 season. Pole missed five games for his new team due to a thigh injury. Since the beginning of March this year, the team has been leading from Marseille George Sampoli. Previously, he was responsible for OM’s decisions Andre Villas-Boas And Nasser Larcutt, who served as interim coach.

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Arcadius Milick showed how to fight back to form

France Cup. Arcadius Milik’s third goal of the season. Despite this, OM is eliminated from the National Cup

Arcadius Milic For the third time in a row he ran in the main line Olympic Marcelia. The encounter with Kenneth Roosevelt, who plays in the fourth division, was not a very interesting game. Both teams rarely came to clear situations. In the 21st minute, Kenneth took the lead with a shot from Jeremy Postero. 17 minutes later, the team from Marseille successfully resisted and Arcadius Millic Vale used a good cross from Jermaine.

In the second half, the team from the fourth league reached the same clear situation. Posterro saw Johan Boy running behind a line of guards. The French used the false defenders of the Olympic de Marseille to cut the ball over Pele. Thus, OM ends his fight in the 1/16 Cup final France. In the previous round, the team from Marseille lost A.J. Axer 2: 0.

In the table League 1 Olympique de Marseille is in 8th place with 39 points and five points behind the European Cups in the region, R.C. Lens. The leader is there Small With 62 points, it maintains a two-point advantage Paris Saint-Germain.

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