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Megan Markle and Prince Harry. Interview with Oprah Winfrey. Comments in Great Britain

Vicky Ford, the British Minister for Children’s Education, said in a televised interview with Megan Markle and Prince Harry that racism has no place in our society. The Duchess of Sussex said in it that before their son Archie was born, the royal family spoke of “how dark his skin is”. Tennis player Serena Williams offered her support for Megan on social media.

“CBS Presents: Opera Interview with Megan and Harry” Harry and Megan, played by Oprah Winfrey, had a close conversation with Duke and Duchess of Sussex, which will air on TVN24 on Monday, March 8 at 8.30pm.

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In the first joint interview between Prince Harry and his wife, Megan Markle, after the couple left their duties as part of the British royal family, before the birth of the Duchess of Sussex Archie – their son was born in May 2019 – there were discussions about “how dark his skin is” in the royal family. . She was told that she would not receive the royal title and the special protection enjoyed by members of the monarchy.

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Megan Markle and Prince HarryPAP / EPA / STR

“There is no place for racism in our society”

Hours after the interview aired in the United States on Monday morning, Vicky Ford, the first representative of the British government, Secretary of State in the Ministry of Education – Minister for Children and a member of the Conservative Party – mentioned the content of the conversation. “Racism has absolutely no place in our community,” he told Sky News. However, he admitted that he did not see the interview himself.

The British daily “Guardian” quotes Secretary of State Kate Green, who is in charge of education in the British shadow cabinet. He said reports of racism in the royal family were “really worrying and shocking”. He added that Buckingham Palace should take these words “very seriously” and investigate the matter.

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Serena Williams in Megan’s care

Tennis player Serena Williams also supported the Duchess of Sussex. Meghan describes herself as her “friend” who teaches me “what it means to be truly classic every day”.

In a statement posted on Twitter, he pointed out that he was aware of “sex and racism” and that “the media insults, breaks down and slanders women and non-whites as demon possessed.”

British royal familyBAP / Reuters / Adam Siminovich, Maria Samsuk

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