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"Everything I did was for her or her," says Joao Soares.

“Everything I did was for her or her,” says Joao Soares.

a saudade has been growing every day since he saw his lover leave and Instagram remains the ‘theatre’ for João Soares’ emotional outbursts.

Widowed Maria João Abreu again turned to the social network to remember his wife, and also highlighted a song dedicated to her.

“It’s your look; that makes me look; it’s your light; that makes me run; it’s your hands; that makes me go; and your embrace; that makes me stay,” he began, quoting an excerpt from one of your looks.

“Since I met my João, everything I did, everything, was either hers or hers. Music was no exception. All the notes I played, all the songs I composed, all the songs I wrote, were for her or her”, then highlighted.

“The text above is part of one of them, recorded this year. Fortunately I was able to show it. For you to understand the obvious: He spoke of it. About us. It reflects what I carry inside my heart. It reflects what made me do what it made me: the desire to be Being better. At everything. To be able to keep up. To make her feel proud of me. And to try to balance the pride I had in her. Huge. Infinite. Infinite. And growing. Every day. Just like my love,” he explained, speaking of the excerpt. who shared it.

“My Joao, wherever you are, is still yours. It’s still yours.”

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