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England. Sarah Everest was murdered. Tribute in London with Princess Kate

Despite police refusing to allow the convention due to corona virus restrictions, people gathered in London on Saturday night in memory of the murdered 33-year-old Sarah Everett. Fights broke out with officers late in the evening. Earlier that day, flowers were placed at the Sarah Memorial, among other things, by Princess Kate, the wife of Prince William. The massacre caused great controversy in the UK and a debate over the safety of women on British streets. A police officer was charged with felony criminal mischief.

The assassination of 33-year-old Sarah Evert has shocked the British. Because of her abduction and murder, a person who is supposed to protect security is charged. Wayne Cousins, a 48-year-old Metropolitan Police officer, was brought in for questioning Saturday. The investigation was also launched by the Independent Office for Police Operations.

The circumstances of Sarah’s death, who went missing while walking home through the main streets around London, sparked a debate in the UK over the safety of women.

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Sarah EvertLondon Police

Collective awareness and fighting with the police in memory of those killed

On Saturday evening, at the place where Sarah was last seen, an awareness rally in memory of those killed took place under the slogan “Restore these streets”. Hundreds of people showed solidarity with the victim’s family and protested against violence against women. Demonstrators also demanded changes to increase security. They chanted “Shame on you” to the police.

The meeting at Club Common in south-west London was questionable because the Metropolitan Police on Saturday warned people not to take to the streets due to epidemics. London Police Chief Cressida Dick said any such meeting was “illegal and dangerous.” So, the organizers of the vigil, instead invited us to go out in front of the candle-lit houses in the evening, but that evening several hundred people came to the club. There were fights with the police.

Before that, hundreds of people would come to the park all day to lay flowers. The Duchess of Cambridge, the wife of Prince William, the eldest son of the heir to the throne, was also there in the afternoon, Reuters news agency reported. As Buckingham Palace announced, Kate “remembers how to walk in London the night before the wedding.”

“I will do everything I can to make sure our roads are safe.”

Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced on Saturday evening that he and his partner, Gary Symonds, would light a candle in memory of Evert.

“I am just shocked to hear the news about Sarah. I think the whole country shares the sadness and shock of his family, said the head of the British government. He said he would do everything he could to ensure that British roads were safe and that women were not attacked and exploited.

The debate over whether women can feel safe walking on British streets after dark has spread to the House of Commons.

“We all prayed that Sarah Everett’s name would never be on any list. It took her four minutes to read the names of more than a hundred dead.

London Metropolitan Police officer 33-year-old Sarah Evert has been charged with kidnapping and murderNeil Hall / BAP / EPA

A murder that shocked the British

On the evening of March 3, a 33-year-old man from London returned from a friend. Surveillance cameras last recorded her at 21.30. Then the path broke.

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– Sarah is not a few meters away from my apartment. It scared not only me and my friends, but all Britons – Emma Walker, who lives in London, told Reuters.

British police search for 33-year-old girlReuters

A police officer was arrested Tuesday in Kent, about 100 kilometers from where Sarah went missing, on suspicion of kidnapping and killing a woman. His wife, who was charged with complicity, was also arrested but released on bail. Human remains were found Wednesday in the woods near the policeman’s home. “We recovered the body and began identification procedures. I can confirm that it was Sarah Everest’s body,” said Nick Epgrave of London Police.

Key Photo Source: Reuters

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