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Daniel Obajtek, President of Arlan. His friends and family are doing business under the Pice rule

Close friends of current Orlean President Daniel Obajtek are also working under the rule of law and justice, Gazeta Vyborka wrote on Monday. In the magazine, Obajtek’s Saga in the Psim Commune is the chairman of Lodos and a cousin of the ally – currently vice president of Energy-Oprat, a relative in Darren and head of the regional directorate of state forests.

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“Obaztech’s career is fantastic, but such rapid and high promotions apply to the people around him. Since December 2020, Sophia Baryana, President of Lotus, has been working at Electroplast since 1997. Two years ago, she made her first professional appearance in the same company. “- We read in the newspaper.


As we read in “Viborxa”, for many years, Paris was the accountant of the Electroplast, and Obaztech became a manager there.

“He resigned when he became mayor of PCM in 2006. Soon after, he also held a position in the local council under Paris Obajkov – in November 2010 he became chief accountant at the Municipal Social Welfare Center in PCM. He first worked part-time, then three-fourths of 2017, one in Electroblast. Had a part-time job “,” Gazette Viborxa “reports.

“When Obaztech was president of Energy, he also found a job in Paris – for two years he was vice president of the Energy Center Usyuk Wsp√≥lnych.

My cousin and brother also make a living

Bioco Duran also reports daily that the company uses Crescores Objetek, a relative of Daniel Obajtek and the husband of Bernadette Obajtek, who works at DT Plast.

“The co-owner of DD Plast is Tomas Boukaj.

According to “Viborxa”, Elbeta Bukaj, a relative of partner Obajtek, who was a business director at ERG Purus-Foli, became Enerja-Oprat’s vice president in June 2020. “Energy has been controlled by Arlan, which has acquired a stake in a Pomeranian company since April 30 last year” – recalls “Viborxa”.

“Daniel Obajtek’s brother, Bartomij, also has a career.

Object tapes

On Friday, “Gazeta Vyborksa” released “Tapes Obajka”, records Phone calls since 2009. Daniel Obajtek, the current president of Arlene, was then mayor of Pichim. In the recordings, he talks to someone who works at DT Plast. Obaztech – “Viborxa” – “gives orders to the employee, orders to negotiate with customers, decides on holidays” and “manages DT Plast from the back seat”. The rules – specified daily – prohibit associating the status of a commune administrator with business activities.

Following the publication of the article, PKN Orlan issued a statement stating that “the article uses excerpts from conversations with an undefined person, which were additionally created without the permission and knowledge of PKN Orlan’s President, and we subject them to legal analysis”.

Key Photo Source: Derek Telmanovich / BAP

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