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Covid-19: Vaccination of healthcare workers, over the age of 45, begins on the 29th

Covid-19: Vaccination of healthcare workers, over the age of 45, begins on the 29th

23 / Apr 14:45

Written by Editorial Board / Petropolis Tribune

Starting next Wednesday (28), registration of health professionals over the age of 45 will be open for vaccination, according to Coronavirus. The vaccination schedule for the group will continue on the 29th (Thursday). As with the elderly, vaccination of health workers will continue on a gradual basis according to age groups, and will be expanded according to the arrival of new vaccinations. The vaccination against COVID-19 in the city follows the standards set in the Ministry of Health’s National Immunization Plan.

The city continues to vaccinate health professionals and workers over the age of 50, whose appointments have already been scheduled on the city council’s website. The city continues to vaccinate the elderly, with registration open, Friday (04/23), for people over the age of 62, a group that begins vaccinating them on Sunday.

The Health Secretariat is doing all the planning so that we can expand the elderly population, at the same time that we give continuity of vaccination to health workers. Today we have 10 vaccination points for the elderly, and an exclusive point in the center, where health workers are also vaccinated, ā€¯highlights the Minister of Health, Aloisio Barbosa da Silva Filho.

The Health Department confirms that on the day of vaccination, a document must be presented proving the practice of the relevant activity in a health institution. Pre-registration is also another way to organize appointments in the vaccination units. Interim Mayor Hengo Hams highlighted that “there is all planning work so that the procedures for vaccinating the elderly and health workers can proceed at the same time.”

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