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Pedro Teixeira comments on the intimate scenes with Anna Guyomar in 'Festa é Festa': "Of course it's tough ..."

Pedro Teixeira comments on the intimate scenes with Anna Guyomar in ‘Festa é Festa’: “Of course it’s tough …”

Anna Guimard and Pedro Teixeira are one of the romantic couples of the “Festa é Festa” soap opera, which opens next Monday, April 26th. The actor duo plays Aida and Tommy respectively.

Three days before the series premiere, Hiper Fm was present at the recordings of ‘Festa é Festa’ earlier this month at Aldeia Galega da Merceana, where Anna Guimard, in a conversation with Hiper Fm, stated that it was nice to meet Pedro Teixeira Again after a few years of not working together. In the same conversation, the actress expressed some annoyance at recording intimate scenes.

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In light of these statements, on Friday April 23, the conference was held with the actor Pedro Teixeira, who commented on his colleague’s statements:I guess that’s kind of an exaggeration … when I read all the things they write, you can see what happened. I saw some nicknames where I said, “Hey man, calm down, he’s got a problem.”He started saying, between laughs.

He’s one of the people I have a lot of respect for and the last time we worked was at Morangos and we were brothers. So we’re going to meet again at the end of many years to be a clear couple and it’s tough. But the scenes in this novel are not in focus either, they are not the husbands, they are not the love stories, there is really a great union between the two here, but of the things of the couple and shine with others in a village. [O desconforto] It’s a little detail that goes through and we have to do it, we’re actors, and we have to act and these things, being easier or more difficult, end up being a part of“, It is to explain.

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