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Corona virus strains: In addition to strains from the UK and South Africa, new threatening strains from the United States

In California, the strain described as B.1.429 / CAL.20C has become a dominant variant of the corona virus. In February, it was found to be more than 50 percent. Models subject to genetic analysis at this stage. California variant of SARS-CoV-2 As of September 2020, it is spreading across the state. The Los Angeles Times reports that scientists believe it is highly contagious and may be resistant to the COVID-19 vaccine.

According to the GISAID website, which collects global data on the genome of the corona virus, variants of the corona virus derived from California have been reported not only in the United States, but also in Mexico, Australia, Japan and many European countries. Over the past four weeks, P1.429 has been detected in almost 20 percent of the entire United States. Sorted models.

Variation B.1.526 is spreading in New York. From the E484K mutation, which includes a variety of other, variants of the corona virus that develops in South Africa (B.1.351) and Brazil (P.1 / B.1.1.28), and researchers believe that there may be greater resistance to the COVID currently being used — 19 vaccines.

In 94 countries around the world, infections are diagnosed with the variant B1.1.7. This is the predominant form of the disease in Great Britain as of December 2020. The variety spreads rapidly throughout Europe. In many countries, including Italy and the Czech Republic, it is already the most common form of corona virus.

According to the European Center for Disease Control and Prevention (ECDC), this variant is highly contagious and carries a very high risk of COVID-19, including death. Available data do not indicate that the British variant is resistant to vaccines. However, recently in the UK, a newer version of the variant was discovered in single specimens, which also contained the E484K mutation, which, as studies show, weakens the effect of some vaccines.

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The variant 501.V2 / B.1.351 found in South Africa already exists in 48 countries around the world. In addition to African countries, GISAID lists the highest rates of epidemics in Great Britain, France, Penelope and Turkey. In South Africa last month, this variation was detected at 100%. Samples were tested, and 80 percent in Botswana. This is not yet the widespread type in the EU; In France, it is 4.8 percent. Of the samples tested, in Belgium – 4.6 percent. However, the GISAID database is based on data from samples tested for genetic code; Globally, this procedure involves only a small percentage of the material collected from patients infected with the corona virus.

According to research, a variant of SARS-CoV-2 that appeared in South Africa may weaken the effect of some COVID-19 vaccines. The ECDC warns that this strain is further contagious.

In 25 countries around the world, infections were diagnosed with B1 variant belonging to the large group described as B1.1.28. This type is mainly prevalent in Brazil, but isolated infections have been reported in many European countries. Because of the E484K mutation, the variant is thought to be resistant to vaccines. The variety is also contagious.