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Oberstdorf 2021. Strong gases in test series. Kubaki’s best effort. Not the best jumps of the other poles

The strong winds made it very difficult for the mixed teams to play the test series before the match. With the exception of David Kupaki, our delegates did not do well. In his group, Kubaki lost slightly to Graner.

Arcadius Dodgeak

David Kubaki

PAP / Grzegorz Momot / Photo: David Kubaki

At 3:30 pm, the test series for the mixed teams match at the World Cup began. In the beginning there were 12 teams. Poland is represented by Anna Tuartos, Piotra, Camila Carpell and David Kubaki.

The women started the first series from the 17th opening beam. There was a very strong wind with the rivals, resulting in a long gap between the jumps. Average readings for skis exceeded two meters per second.

Anna Tuartos, who reached 78.5 meters, did not do well in such conditions. Asukasz Kruczek’s indictment ranked tenth on his team, but he did not lose much to Germany’s sixth representative. Marita Kramer made a great improvement in the first group. Austria reached 103 meters and clearly beat her other competitors.

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The Gentleman participated in the second group. Inron was set on the 8th opening stage. Marcus Eisenhower presented himself passionately. The German jumped to a height of 104 meters. Piotr Żyła conditions were slightly worse, and he reached 95.5 meters. This is the sixth decision in his group. Germany’s decision was repeated by Robert Johansson, but he did it with a slightly weaker wind for the skis.

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The women in the next group jumped back from the 17th beam. Camila Carpell did not have the best conditions and jumped only 67.5 meters. This is the ninth result in this group. The wind began to pick up and the gaps between the tabs grew longer. The top scorer in the group was Sarah Tanakashi and Daniela Irasko-Stols, who got the former equalizer, which slightly exceeded the design point. Norway’s Maran Lundby decided to leave the test series.

In the last group, the men started from the seventh beam. Nico Kydosaho withdrew from the test series. David Kupaki, who landed in the 102nd meter using favorable wind conditions, made the best progress. One and a half meters from the pole, Halver Egner flew to Granerut, who did it in excellent condition, eventually overtaking Kubaki by 0.2 points.

Location Region Note
1. Austria 294.9
2. Slovenia 269.5
3. Japan 257.5
4. Norway (without Lundby) 251.6
5. Germany 246.7
6. Russian Ski Federation 226.5
7. Poland 197,3
8. Czech Republic 155.5

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