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Corona virus in Poland. New restrictions – Conference of Prime Minister Matos Moravsky and Minister Adam Nietzsche [25 marca]

A press conference between Prime Minister Matos Moraveki and Health Minister Adam Nietzschevs on the new rules for epidemic protection is underway. – The situation did not allow us much to maneuver – the head of government insisted.

In connection with the growing third wave of the epidemic, this week Prime Minister Mathews Moraveki said the restrictions and rules to apply for the next two weeks, including the Easter festival, would be issued on Thursday at the latest. The new rules apply to the week before Easter and the week before Easter.

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Government spokeswoman Pyotr Mல்லller announced that the conference would begin at 11 a.m. Thursday. It will be attended by Prime Minister Mathews Moravsky and Health Minister Adam Nietzsche.

  • Nidzilsky: Temporary hospitals play a very important role in this system

  • Nidzilsky: The most important issue is the bed floor

  • Nietzschevsky: The Wormyosko-Masursky Voiceship is an example of how controls work

  • Nidzilsky: The situation in Silesia will definitely require the use of specialized solutions, perhaps transporting patients out of the region

  • Nidzilsky: We have 27,000 patients in hospitals

  • Nidzilsky: The third wave will surpass what we handled in the fall

  • Moravsky: In the most difficult moments of the trial, only the government, throwing away all its resources, saved the health and lives of the Poles, as well as jobs and the economy.

  • Moraveki: Recall what the Opposition proposed in the context of health care-commercialization. Is it a private service that I have respect for in saving the health and lives of COVID-19 patients?

  • Moravsky: More than seven million vaccines will come to us in the next five weeks

  • Moraweki: I know how difficult it is today, Christmas is coming and I would like to appeal to you to spend in a short circle in my short family.

  • Moraweki: If I do not want to cooperate with the government – do not make the situation worse

  • Moraweki: Govt attacks young people more and more often, we need national unity

  • Moravia: We relaxed some businesses in February and need to tighten them today

  • Moraweki: We have to fight for many things, above all the two basic health of the poles and the jobs for life and the poles

  • Moraweki: Today, we treat more than 2,000 patients every day under respirators and fight for their lives

  • Moraweki: The epidemic situation does not allow us much maneuvering, today we will introduce more restrictions

  • Moravia: I talk every day with EU leaders and prime ministers to increase the availability of vaccines

  • Moraweki: Vaccination of most health services does not lead to serious cases and very rarely leads to infections in the health service

  • Moraweki: The problem is not doctors, nurses, medical services, equipment

  • Moravsky: We will do everything we can to avoid this situation

  • Moravic: We are approaching the limits of the efficiency of the health service

  • Moravia: We have more than 70 percent occupation. Beds

  • Moraweki: The pressure of the third wave is very, very strong

  • The conference of the Prime Minister and the Minister of Health has begun.

  • The conference is scheduled to begin at 11 p.m.

  • Currently there are restrictions nationwide:

    – Distance learning in grades 1-3 in primary schools,

    – Closed hotels,

    – Limited functionality of shopping malls,

    – Closed theaters, cinemas, museums, art galleries, casinos,

    – Closed swimming pools, suns, solarium, sports facilities.

  • The average daily number of confirmed infections (calculated from seven-day data) is 24,243. This is the sixth result since the onset of the epidemic. Between November 9 and 13, at the height of the second wave, this indicator was high.

  • The daily increase in Poland since the onset of the epidemic is 151 infections. One week ago, 27,278 infections were confirmed. This means an increase of 6,873, which means that the incidence rate is over 25 percent.

  • The Ministry of Health on Thursday announced 34,151 new confirmed cases of corona virus infection. It is the highest daily epidemic in Poland since the onset of the epidemic. The ministry also announced the deaths of 520 people diagnosed with SARS-CoV-2. In Poland, the corona virus has so far been confirmed in 2,154,821 people, of whom 50,860 have died.

Epidemic situation in Poland

Almost exactly a year ago The government also introduced stricter controls to stop the spread of the corona virus epidemic.

Since last March, more than 2.1 million people have been infected with COVID-19. The disease ended in the deaths of more than 50.3 thousand people.

Key Photo Source: Adam Gus / Chancellor of the Prime Minister

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