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Corona virus in Poland. New cases of infection and death – March 21

The health ministry on Sunday announced 21,849 new confirmed cases of corona virus infection. The ministry also reported that 140 people diagnosed with SARS-CoV-2 had died. Since the outbreak, 2,058,550 infections have been confirmed in Poland, and 49,300 have died.

Most 21 849 New cases of corona virus infection recorded in Masovsky Voice – 3852 Infections.

The rest come from the following voyageships: ąląskie (3649), Wielkopolskie (2152), Małopolskie (1715), Dolnośląskie (1693), Pomeranian (1213), Podkarpackie (1211), Kujawsko-1152 (10) ), Laplin (633), Warmion-Mussoorian (605), Opol (500), więtokrzyskie (461), Potlasi (351).

186 Infections “Data without address”, which are to be completed by the Department of Health and Safety.

The Ministry of Health also informed about this Death of 140 victims. 40 patients died due to COVID-19, and 100 died due to combination with COVID-19.

Since the outbreak, 2,058,550 infections have been confirmed in Poland, and 49,300 have died.

On the last day, more than 62.8 thousand tests were done, of which 11,914 were antigenic.

One week ago, on March 14, 17,259 new cases were reported. This means Sunday, Fr. And 590 infections Than last Sunday.

How many returned? How many breathing apparatus are occupied?

Sunday’s epidemic data report shows this:

33 083 Beds are intended for patients with COVID-19 (previous day +370), – including 23 583 Beds are occupied by COVID-19 patients (+290), – 3211 Ventilators are intended for patients with COVID-19 (+57), – among them 2360 Breathing devices are used (+45), – 370 067 People are isolated (-26 613), – 1 656 827 People returned (+16 777).

The previous Sunday, Fr. 3 929 Low (19,654), and breathing apparatus – Fr. 283 Less (2077).

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New restrictions across Poland

From Friday to Saturday at midnight, they apply throughout Poland Additional restrictions:

– Distance learning in grades 1-3 of primary schools, – Closed hotels, – Limited operation of shopping malls, – Closed theaters, cinemas, museums, galleries, casinos, – Closed swimming pools, sanas, solarium, sports facilities.

Key Photo Source: PAP / Leszek Szymański

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