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Hospitals run out of places, and ambulances take patients to other cities. “The situation is dramatic.”

The portal announced Sunday, Ambulance crews in Warsaw often refuse to admit a patient with the corona virus to hospital due to lack of space. So, they would only resort to this as a last resort. Nowadays, patients are transported to Libno, 165 km from Warsaw, or Kors (130 km from Warsaw).

A photo of an ambulance queuing in front of a hospital in Nov Mysto Nat Plika, 80 km from the capital, appeared on social media on Friday. From Białołęka.

– The situation is not difficult, the situation is dramatic. We work tirelessly, driving around many hospitals to hand over patients, and waiting in line for calls. Some more than five hours. We could not feel them all. Survivors say in an interview with that there is a shortage of seats in hospitals, not just in Warsaw, but in the entire Vozship.

There are difficult situations in other regions as well. Portal announced, Saturday, ten ambulances, including crew from Katowice And Sissin.

– I have been working in the emergency room for more than a quarter of a century, but I have never seen “eggs” like there are now – says one of the doctors portal.

The portal also gave information about the heavy load this week – On March 17, an ambulance took a patient from Mycenae to Oosice, 170 kilometers away. Crossing such distances on our Polish roads is certainly not only optimal for improving the patient’s condition, but also delays the time of effective hospital assistance – said the director of the SP ZOZ “Meditrans” station in Mirosva Depkowski’s Astroka.

Corona virus in Poland

Sunday report Ministry of Health, There are currently more than 23.5 thousand people in hospitals. Affected patients. According to official data, there are still 10,000 beds across the country.

2.3 thousand. 3.2 per. Respiratory equipment.