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Corona virus in Poland. Mandatory Entry Tests – When?

Boundaries are open to individuals who may present with a negative corona virus test result. Adam Nidzeilsky, head of the Ministry of Health in “Rosmova Piyazekiko”, said such regulation “will become a reality over the weekend.” Another option, he noted, should be isolated. He added that such a rule would not apply to any boundaries.

Minister of Health Adam Nidzilsky On Monday, on TVN24, he was asked about the possibility of reopening Poland’s borders during a “conversation with Piyazek”.

When asked about the timing of the government’s introduction of the rule, he said, “We are thinking of doing this later this week.” – We want to refine the regulatory details. Services should also be prepared for this, as it would indicate the need to return to the operations of the Border Guard – he explained. He explained that those who did not submit to the test should be isolated.

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The Border Patrol “declares that it takes 48 hours to achieve operational capability at individual border points,” the minister said. – I think this will become a reality over the weekend – said the Minister of Health. – We are targeting the weekend. I can’t say if it’s Monday, Friday or Saturday – he said. He noted that these rules apply “on the southern and western border.”

When asked about cross-border workers, Nidgeilsky replied, “Testing is the standard.” “We will see if we can make any exceptions in this regard,” he said.

When are the rules for masks and helmets?

Friday Minister Nietzsche Ensured that the government deviates from the rules that allow the opportunity to change masks. – We will recommend a specific standard for the use of masks – noted that this will be a form of “gentle recommendation”.

– Until now, spectators as an alternative to masks have been allowed in the form of scarves and collars. We want to override it because there is no such alternative. As for the quality of the mask, whether it is cotton, surgical or FFP2-enhanced, here we will trust the recommendation – Nietzsche explained in an interview with Conrad Piazzi on Monday.

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When should we remove visitors from public places? – At the end of the week, we will synchronize this with the previous element – said the head of the Ministry of Health.

Health Minister: Helmet – No, Scarf – No, and Masks – Yes (First Report on Friday)TVN24

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