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Bitcoin tests the level of 50 thousand. Dollars. Strong descent at the beginning of the week

Even on Friday, Bitcoin broke all-time records, reaching a price of nearly 57,000. Dollars are about 7 & nbspproc each. During the day. Unfortunately, after the weekend, the owners of this cryptocurrency are in for an unpleasant surprise. The quotes clearly fell down.

Bitcoin was below 50,000 before 4 p.m. Dollars. This means a dozen or one percent drop from the top. The chart shows that the sentiment in the cryptocurrency market has been significantly worse since morning.

Is investor retreating from bitcoin? It is too soon for such claims. Rate less than 50 thousand. Dollars do not last long. At this level, buyers became active – as you can see – this was a good opportunity and the rate turned above this round. Now it is about 53 thousand. Dollars.

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Despite this conference, you should remember that Bitcoin is worth a week in advance. This is more than 50 percent. About 185 percent more than a month ago. 3 & nbspmiesący Before I & nbspo & nbsp350 percent more expensive. Higher than the rate 6 months ago.


The impetus for the recent increase in Bitcoin quotes lies in information about investing in cryptocurrency, one of the richest in the world, namely Elon Musk. Tesla, through its company, bought bitcoins for $ 1.5 billion in January, putting credibility in the hands of other investors.