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Christophe Kovaci lost to Lawrence Okoli by knockout

– Balance, Finds – Coach Fyodor Łapin shouted from the start. Krzezek was approaching his opponent with his right foot, but the latter, using excellent physical conditions, kept him at a safe distance, and in the first round he attacked him with a strong right-handed counter. In the second round, Okoli kept Kovaci straight to the left and hunted with the right hook or right chin on the body. Fortunately, only the blows reached the goal. “Covka” tried to reduce the distance, but he could not get a strong, accurate hit.

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“I don’t think Kovaci is in a losing position. It’s a 50/50 fight.”

In the third installment, Britain was still in control Walk Long left straight. The pole broke speed twice and went halfway, however, Okoli cleverly slipped and avoided danger. After the break, the Englishman hit a strong right cross, adjusted with the right hook and followed the blow as he thought Crissick had been injured. However, it threw the left turn with the full turn. He missed, but it cooled the enemy’s excitement a bit. Eventually he hit a strong right down. Twelve minutes later he clearly won, but he still hadn’t seriously connected to the boxer from Vauxhall.

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Kovaci is worse than Okoli

In the fifth round, Okoli hit straight to the left, cutting our comrade’s right eyebrow. Kovaci did not reach his head, so he tried to target the body. – You have to make him tired – said the coach in the corner of the shop.

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Unfortunately, the sixth round was the last. Thirty seconds later Okoli hit his jaw with a clean right hook. It is true that Kovaci stood at the age of eight, but he was still stunned when the judge stopped the match.

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