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Children write letters to health professionals fighting COVID: "We can thank you" |  Tocantins

Children write letters to health professionals fighting COVID: “We can thank you” | Tocantins

Alice Castro, a fourth-year student of elementary school, wrote a letter thanking the health professionals working on the front lines in the fight against the Coronavirus in Araguena, North Tocantins, with great care and dedication. . The project was developed by a school in the city and aims to bring gratitude and appreciation to those who risk their lives to save others.

Alice’s message reached the nursing technician Joyce dos Santos and touched the professional’s heart. “Thank you very much for the words Alice. I want to say that we are facing difficult days, as everyone knows. We are doing our part, in the future, with great faith that all this will soon pass. I want to emphasize the affection of this princess who wrote beautiful words, I loved her in Heart, “said nursing technologist Joyce dos Santos.

The “Message to Health Heroes” project includes two classes in the fourth and fifth year in a private school. About 60 students wrote their letters.

Girl writing letter to health professionals – Photo: Reproduction / Anhanguera TV

“It is necessary at this moment and we believe that a small attitude, a small gesture of affection makes a big difference in the life of this professional, who often risks his life to take care of others. We think they make a difference in the lives of many people,” said School Educational Coordinator Sarah Silva Costa .

Heluisa Bambonet, from the 5th year, also wrote a letter. She devoted herself to colors and words to reach the hearts of professionals.

The girl said: “I was so happy that I wrote the letter and I was very excited that we did not have time to speak to them, but for this message we were able to thank them.”

For Ihoran Bambonet, Heluisa’s mother, the project shows that education goes beyond the content taught in the classroom. “The Heluisa School project was of the utmost importance because it gave the children this opportunity to thank all the health professionals who work hard to help the residents. We know there is an enormous burden and even then they never give up and keep helping people. Children see this, too. ”

Messages continue to be delivered to hospitals in the city to doctors, nurses, technicians and professionals involved in the fight against the pandemic. My gratitude to all health workers. “Kiss,” said Alice Castro, fourth-year-old.

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