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Chaos in the streets of Lyon. Cars caught fire and the city was destroyed. “It’s time for justice to strike hard.”

In the wake of the devastation caused by the riots in Lyon and its suburbs, politicians in France are blaming each other for inaction. On Thursdays and Fridays, cars caught fire, destroying urban infrastructure in France’s third-largest city.

Thursday’s incidents are said to have been caused by a police accident involving a young motorcyclist. Friday’s action was largely triggered by action against drug dealers.

In the La Toucher district of Lyon, a violent situation prevailed around a local high school, according to police sources quoted daily by Lu Picaro, as early as Thursday – seizing security money and beating students by gangs. On Thursday, rumors spread across the city that a 13-year-old boy had collided with a scooter as a result of a police effort. According to the province, there were no police vehicles, while the boy who was seriously injured in the crash had no helmet or driver’s license, and the scooter was stolen.

On Friday evening, similar incidents took place at Riliux-la-Pap, near Lyon. According to police, they had nothing to do with the accident, but it was a reaction to the increased crackdown on drug dealers.

Whenever we take action against drug dealers, riots will retaliate. Increased checks slap their pockets. This is how they protect their income

– United SGP Police Trade Union Department Secretary Yves Marigno told PFM TV on Saturday.

In a televised interview with Mer Riliux-la-Babe Alexandre Vincent he said he was “angry” because a “criminal commando” could “destroy everything in their path”.

The time has come for justice to strike hard and fast. The Republic must reclaim every inch of lost land

Declared mayor.

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Laurent Vauquis, a right-wing Republican leader in the Rh -ne-Alpes region, has accused Leon Mayor Gregory Ducett of calling the Greens “sectarian.” Wakis revealed in a Twitter post that he offered “joint action and additional action,” but it was “denied”. According to the regional leader, the mayor “exacerbates the controversy” by imposing “non-vegetarian food in Lyon’s school canteens” in order to “keep quiet” and “decide that action among residents is more effective than police”.

The chaos covers the metropolis “

Realleux-la-Pap burns tonight, La Toucher in Lyon yesterday. The chaos covers the metropolis of Lyon. There are no limits to fraud anymore!

– wrote Andrea Kotarak on Twitter, who is expected to lead the national reorganization list in the June regional elections.

In Friday’s radio and television debates, commentators blamed Lyon’s situation for bringing together immigrants from Muslim countries, who – as Jerome Beckle, vice-president of the weekly “Le Point” – live in France only in theory because of the country’s history, culture and customs. They consider the intervention of the authorities as an invasion of their territory.

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