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Change the picture on google? You can do this quickly in the Gmail app

The Google ecosystem is fully integrated and has a unique base. The so-called Google Account is the glue that takes users’ data to all available services, regardless of the platform on which they are used.

Thanks to the great customization, it allows users to change their image thus getting a well-defined avatar. This can be changed on the Google admin page, but it has now gained another door. We are talking about the Gmail app that allows the user to change their picture on Google.

Change Google user photo

Today, we rarely find anyone who does not have a Google account. This is the gateway to all the services that this internet giant provides to its users and a unique identifier within this ecosystem.

Thanks to the great customization, it allows users to choose a name and even an image, which will identify them in a unique way. Thus, this image can and should be changed whenever they deem it necessary and necessary.

Everything will be done in the Android Gmail app

One of the most Recent news Gmail access was very conservative and Google didn't even announce it. In the app for Android, we can now change a user's picture, quickly, but casually. Simply click on the already selected image, located in the upper right.

Here you will see that image again but with the possibility to change. It should open and you will have access to the picture area of ​​the user profile. Here is the possibility to change or remove. You must choose the first option.

Immediately assumed in all services

The user is asked to choose one of the three sources of the new photo: Google Photos, Gallery or Camera. After selecting the image, you can adjust it to fit the available space. At the end of this process, you must be finished for the photo to be taken.

When you change this image in Gmail, it will be used across all Google services and platforms. So, in a simple and straightforward way, you can make this change on Android, and make sure it's universal and supposed everywhere.

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