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CDS talks about "a dark week for the region's economy due to the inaction of the government of the Republic" - DNOTICIAS.PT

CDS talks about “a dark week for the region’s economy due to the inaction of the government of the Republic” – DNOTICIAS.PT

The CDS considers this to be a dark week for the region’s economy and is “pointing the finger” at the republic’s government. Antonio López da Fonseca explains this result by removing Portugal from the UK’s “green list”, but also with no support for the renewal of the fishing fleet.

In a press conference this morning, the CDS parliamentary leader stated that “Madeira will be affected by some inertia and even some neglect on the part of Portuguese diplomacy”. The subject of contention is Madeira’s move to the “yellow list” of UK travelers. “This decision will greatly affect tourism in the region when everyone knows that Madeira has numbers that are a real model, with the State Department not being interested in protecting the two autonomous regions.”

López da Fonseca accepts his dismay at the announcement by the Minister of the Seas, Ricardo Serao Santos, of the lack of support for the renewal of the black sheath fishing fleet. And he considered that “with this decision, the minister revealed that he does not have the ability to negotiate with the European Union.”

“In this sense, the CDS Parliamentary Group asks: What is the purpose of the Portuguese Presidency of the Council of the European Union, if the Ministers have no negotiating power! We refer, in particular, to the Minister of Agriculture to the Minister of the Seas to the Minister for Foreign Affairs.. It is clear that there is Complete inaction not to mention incompetence!”

For these reasons, CDS has launched a challenge for PS, taking advantage of the fact that the Prime Minister will visit the region next Sunday. Lopez da Fonseca asks that “PS Madeira mediate with the Prime Minister in order to reverse these two negative decisions for the region.”

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“Since not renewing the fleet means not renewing 20 swords, it involves harming about 200 Hunters and their families, and involves insisting that Hunters provide €7 million for this renewal,” he explains, adding that the fishermen do not have that amount. To renew the fishing fleet.

López da Fonseca concluded the press conference reinforcing the Socialist Party’s demand to show itself as regional and independent, and for that reason it should intervene with the Prime Minister, and express its dissatisfaction on these matters.