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Catarina Gouveia explains how she managed to purchase a luxury villa in Comporta-Verveer

Catarina Gouveia explains how she managed to purchase a luxury villa in Comporta-Verveer

Catarina Gouvia informed her followers that the house she bought with husband Pedro Guerra in Comporta is now available to rent for tourism.

The actress explained in the post that the project originated during the first prison, but her initial idea would be to open up a restaurant space.

A year ago, I was doing a small restoration project. I have designed a small, warm and familiar space, where I can present my recipes, with all my love and affection. The first prison that changed my sessions arrived, and with all the restrictions that affected the restoration, I revisited this first draft“It is to explain.But in the face of adversity, another idea emerged. “Also at this time, and very kindly, a friendly couple gave us an empty house at the Pestana Eco Resort, where we took our bags and luggage. We lived for two months, which, without warning, proved profoundly transforming, both for me and for Pedro. It was great to wake up in the middle of a pine forest, to the sound of birds, to close the door and step onto the white sands of a private beach, which is (for me) one of the most beautiful beaches ever. Without expecting anything, I was living dreamy days, surrounded by everything that I valued the most. Breathe the quality of life you always dreamed ofmentioned.

During this period, the actress walked an area under construction and “blossomed dream”:Owning a home you always dreamed of, in a nature reserve, ecologically designed and a few meters from the beachIn August, he decided to go ahead with the home purchase.

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“I do not live here because I cannot. It is incompatible with the projects that require my presence in Lisbon, but I know that it will be here, in this slow life, I will build my family.”

The luxury villa is available from € 190 a night. It has three bedrooms, a pool and all the perks the actress does not need, giving access to the hotel’s spa and Turkish bath. The pictures are already available online and show the refinement of the space.