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To achieve this goal, Biden must initiate a revolution in the American economy Myriam Leitao

Joe Biden at the opening of the climate summit

The United States has once again emerged in the fight against climate change. They are the largest economy in the world, and the second largest emitter of greenhouse gases. The climate summit this week was very important for this reason, because the Americans are back at the negotiating table and back with force.

The target went from 2025 to 2030, but on the other hand, there was a promise to cut emissions in the US economy by 50%. In 2035 there are no emissions in the energy sector. President Joe Biden will have to confront a huge lobby in the US Congress in favor of fossil energies. Biden proposes a revolution in the economic structure to reach this goal.

Compared to Donald Trump’s denial and isolation, with the United States not participating in the efforts in any field, he left the World Health Organization, fought with the World Trade Organization, and now we have the country once again cooperating with the world. There were many words to celebrate this new moment. Many world leaders have welcomed the return of the US government. Other countries have also made progress in achieving their goals with bolder numbers. At COP-26 all this will be formalized.

Yesterday, an important alliance was also announced, the “Alliance of Papers”, led by the United States of America, Norway and the United Kingdom, which is a mechanism to help governments, subnational governments and nations, and it is a kind of Amazon Global Fund. The rulers of the Brazilian Amazon immediately issued a statement saying that they were interested in participating in this alliance.

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