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Carita da Side vaccination against COVID-19 and influenza is being carried out in Cariatica

Photo: Disclosure / Cariacica

In order to simplify the vaccination process against influenza and Covid-19, the Ministry of Health (Sesa) has mobilized “Carreta da Saúde” for the municipality of Cariacica. The vehicle will support immunization in the municipality this Saturday (22) and will be in Cachoeirinha, the city’s rural area.

The cart is close to the local Catholic Church. Work started at 8:30 AM and will continue until 4 PM on Saturday. The car, which contains rooms for doctors’ offices and a waiting room, appears to serve residents who have yet to receive vaccinations against Coronavirus and influenza.

the target audience

It should be noted that to receive the vaccination, a citizen must be part of the priority group in both campaigns:

flu: Children from six months to under six years of age, pregnant women, postpartum women, health workers, indigenous peoples, elderly people over 60 years of age, and teachers.

Covid-19: Older adults 60 years or older for the first and second doses, people with comorbidities and health workers.

Citizens who fall within these criteria must come to the place with documents proving their inclusion in the priority group, as in the case of influenza. For people with comorbidities, a medical report is required.

All residents must have a vaccination card, CPF, or a National Uniform Health System (SUS) card.

* With information from Sesa.

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