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"I imagine you can do whatever you want"

“I imagine you can do whatever you want”

Fatma Lopez left TVI in January. In an interview with TV Guia, the presenter spoke after 4 months of her reasons for leaving Queluz de Baixo and commented on Cristina Ferrera’s words about her departure.

Fatma Lopez chose not to renew her contract with TVI, the channel that has been her “home” for the past ten years. The decision was taken and assumed in January of this year and has sparked a lot of controversy and a lot of indignation. Christina Ferreira, in an interview with Manuel Luis Josha, excluded responsibility and Fatima finally commented on the director’s position.

In an interview with TV Guia, the presenter explained what motivated her to leave TVI. “My departure resulted from total devaluations and ignoring themHe started by stating that this situation has prolonged over time and that his salary has been reduced by 30% with a promise to return to initial value once the company’s financial position improves.

Time passed and they didn’t talk to me again. So we arrived in June and many were hired by the company. And I thought: Well, the company is really healthy financially, because they’ve managed to hire full-fledged teams, and they’ll call me. you did notFatima Lopez continued, avoiding mentioning the names.

One of the signings to emerge at this time was the signature of Christina Ferrera, who took with her many elements that would merge her teams. “There were multiple engagements. And if they never contacted me, it was because they thought I no longer mattered. I read people’s behavior well,” Fatma Lopez explained.

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On An interview he conducted with Manuel Louis Joshua about Fatima’s departureDirector of Entertainment and Fantasy said: “The Fatema First I wanted the suggestion. After that, he did not reach an understanding. He did not pass me by. I did not speak once about the level of values. She does not want to. It was a conversation with a TVI attorney … “. The presenter commented on statements claiming that Christina was not strict about the facts.”Christina Ferrera should have explained this more strictly. I wanted the project but no conditions were presented to me.As he claimed.

As to whether she was disappointed with the director, the presenter avoided giving a straight answer:She’s a manager, she’s part of the department, and she’s a shareholder … I imagine she can do whatever she wants“.

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