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Bytranga, Little, Achan and other networks can vaccinate their employees in the second quarter

The government is accelerating the vaccination program and introducing new vaccine sites and points. Already in the second quarter, they will be organized in larger workplaces. This means large retail chains can vaccinate their employees. Such preference was expressed among others by Pythronka, Achan or Little – after the message.

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According to a government press conference on changes to the National Immunization Program announced this week, vaccination of volunteers will be significantly accelerated, which will help by setting up new vaccination sites and points. Among those indicated by the minute. MICHAES DOVERSIK, New Locations includes at least 500 employees reporting for vaccination.

An employer who wants to use this option should take into account all organizational issues – organize the appropriate points, find medical staff and handle the vaccination campaign logically. He then has to apply to the appropriate government agency to change the vaccines.

Bytranga chain was one of the first retailers operating in Poland to announce such an option. The largest private employer in Poland – employs about 70,000 people. People – is committed to making vaccination easier for all interested employees.

– If this is possible, we plan to provide the necessary space in our distribution centers or offices to expedite and improve the outreach vaccine campaign, which has been in place for many years in the case of seasonal flu vaccines.

We are in constant contact with our medical partners – as soon as vaccines are available, there is a legitimate opportunity to do so – and we will take specific decisions and actions in this regard immediately – Director Tomas Djedrovsky Payroll and Benefits on the Network.

Not only is Pytranga the largest retailer in Poland, it is also active in the area. We know from press reports that Achan Chain is in talks with the staff of its stores.

The network asks them if they want to be vaccinated against the corona virus. He asked about the option for network workers to be vaccinated if they have access to vaccines through their insurer. The current government decision opens up new opportunities for retailers to vaccinate workers.

It is worth recalling that the American branch of Littlelin encourages its employees to be vaccinated. For every employee from the United States who is vaccinated, the discounter offers an additional guarantee of $ 200 or PLN750.

Recently, representatives of the trade sector – employers and employees – have repeatedly appealed to the government to urgently vaccinate workers in the sector, especially those over 50 years of age.

Prime Minister Matos Moraveki and Health Minister Adam Nidzeilski continue to receive letters from the Polish Chamber of Commerce and Distribution, the Polish Chamber of Commerce, KZRSS Społem, or the NSZZ “Solidarność.”

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