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Best Luxury Lifestyle Residence in Singapore

One Pearl Bank will be one of Singapore’s tallest residential condominiums to offer a new life to the city’s landscape. It is high time that a fresh look took shape in a diverse area where urban life effortlessly and historically affluent continue to mix. This renovation by CapitaLand, which was formerly known as the Pearl Bank Apartments, is situated in District 3, near Outram Park Mass Rapid Transit Station (MRT). After many Singaporeans have been living there since 1976, during a private treaty en bloc, CapitaLand received SGD 728 million.


Two towers that bear the same omnibus form as the previous one are part of the One Pearl Bank Floor Plans Condominium. Given its 39 stories and 774 residential lots, this anticipated construction scheme would stand on an intimidating 178 meters. The construction of the project is planned for 2023. This complex is located above ground, covering a surface of 7,653 square meters. The building consisted of less than 300 residential units and 98 business spaces throughout its tenure as the Pearl Bank Apartments.


Given CapitaLand’s latest takeover by its affiliate Areca Investment Pte. Ltd., the former residential unit owners see the fees of about SGD 2 million to upwards of 4.9 million SGD 123 square meters to 371 square meters. On the other hand, anyone who owns a commercial piece of SGD 1.2 million, up to a maximum of SGD 46.9 million, should expect to be paid for at least 65 meters up to 523 square meters. A supplement of SGD 201.4 million, with over SGD 700 million at the One Pearl Bank Price, is an expansion to 99 years. It corresponds to square footage.

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Outram Road, a vast suburban area of the Central Zone, is One Pearl Bank Condo’s location. The two towers connected by the sky bridge are 20 meters above the ground and give you spectacular views of Pearl Hill, Sentosa, the CBD, and the surrounding city parks. About 500 trees from over 30 species, hundreds of thousands of herbs, bulbs, and shrubs covering 75% of the site will be located in one of the Pearl Bank’s prime areas. They have the ideal climate in this new city-state for urban and green environments. Given the proximity of the building to the Outram Park MRT station, the residents would have better commute access.


This depot has connections to many railway lines, such as the east and west lines, the north, and the Thomson East Coast, soon becoming operational. Another means of transportation is a local bus exchange. It would even feel like staying in heaven at being at one of the most prestigious places like One Pearl Bank Outram. Enjoy these special occasions with family and friends in one of the event rooms exclusively for the use of unit owners. You can host corporate meetings and seminars since any function room is fitted with a sound system and other essential features. You will also do leisure events exclusively for a residential owner. One condo in one of Pearl Bank will have an Olympic swimming pool set in lush countryside.