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Corona virus in Poland. New data on infections and deaths – March 20, 2021

By comparison, about 25,000 were reported yesterday with 998 new cases of corona virus infection and 419 deaths from COVID-19.

We have 26 thousand 405 new and confirmed corona virus diseases from the following voiceships: Masovsky (4166), Aleski (3600), Wilkopolsky (2791), Tolnoleski (2226), Mols Bolsky (2138), Pomeranian (1442) )), Podcarpace (1398), Warmion-Mussoorian (869), Western Pomeranian (864), Lubuski (773), więtokrzyskie (736), Laplin (728), Podlasi (522), Opol (472). 372 Infections Data without specifying an address, which will be supplemented by a health examination.

88 people died due to COVID-19 and 261 died due to COVID-19 combined with other diseases. The total number of people infected with the corona virus in Poland is already 2 million 036 thousand. 700 people. In turn, 49 thousand. So far 159 people have died.

Corona virus. How many people are in hospitals?

The Ministry of Health had earlier said that 293 patients with 23 thousand COVID-19 were in hospitals, of whom 2,000 were with 315 connected to respirators.

The ministry said 32,000 had been prepared for Govt-19 patients. 713 beds and 3 thousand. 154 breathing apparatus.

The ministry said today that 396,000 people were in isolation. 680 people. It says 1,640,000 people have recovered so far. 050 Infection.

On the last day, the number of hospital admissions due to COVID-19 increased by 726 to 23,000. 293. Mike Rogalski noted on Twitter that this is the largest number of beds occupied at any given time since the onset of the epidemic.

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The 315 people connected with 2,000 breathing apparatus are also an epidemic in Poland.

Third wave and new locking across the country. Full list of changes

The lockout will cover the entire country from March 20 to April 9. This means it also applies to Easter. Learning in grades 1-3 will again be remote. Minister Adam Nidzielski announced the new restrictions yesterday. We have provided a complete list below.

They should suspend their activities:

  • hotel (Exceptions include workers’ hotels and accommodation provided as part of business trips – proper list of exceptions and required confirmation of business travel will be included in the regulation)
  • Department store – Besides: Grocery stores, Pharmacies and drug stores, Press stores, Book stores, Pet stores and DIY stores. In shopping malls, they can still operate hairdresser, optical, banking, laundry services.
  • Theaters, Museums, Art Galleries (However, rehearsals and exercises and online events can be organized);
  • China (Prohibition on screening of films also applies to homes and community centers);
  • Swimming pools (Except for swimming pools and members of the national team in organizations performing medical activities);
  • saunas, solariums, Turkish baths, weight loss centers, casinos
  • Ski slopes
  • Fitness Clubs and Gyms
  • Sports facilities (For professional sports and can only be run without the participation of the public).

In addition, from March 20 to April 9 in grades 1-3 Distance education is back. After this period, it is possible to return to hybrid teaching. There is no decision to close kindergartens and nurseriesThey work.

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