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Boris came under fire after an alleged attack on a new prison

Boris came under fire after an alleged attack on a new prison

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Prime Minister Boris Johnson is under fire after releasing alleged bargaining statements. a The chief would have said he would have preferred to see “corpses piled up” over a third prison.

The UK prime minister faced mounting pressure late Monday over allegations that he said he would rather see the bodies huddled together than impose a third detention.

It was first reported by a British newspaper daily MailBoris’s supposed comments will be released after he feels He is forced to agree to imprisonment Four weeks in November. At the time, the prime minister will have warned that he will not once again support another national prison.

The phrase the British leader said was: “Stop confinement **** – let the corpses pile up by the thousands.”

a daily Mail No sources revealed, it only stated that the prime minister’s former right-hand man, Dominic Cummings, would have kept audio and written record of important meetings, before leaving Downing Street in November 2020.

According to the British press, the comments were loud in an office in Downing Street After a critical meeting With ministers – not during the meeting.

This report was confirmed by a source in statements to the British newspaper Watchman. According to the morning man, the comments were heard by a few people outside Boris’ office.

A second source, who did not hear the comments directly, said that there had been “talks” about them in Downing Street last year, although the phrase the source remembers was “no more confinement than **** (…) Regardless of the consequences“.

The source said he understood the statements were in frustration and stressed that the prime minister continued his third detention in January.

Michael Gove, an advisor to the Duchy of Lancaster, defended the prime minister in the House of Commons on Monday. “I was in the meeting that afternoon with the prime minister and other ministers … and the prime minister took a decision in that meeting to bring about a second prison, and the subsequent decision was taken to impose a third prison,” he said.

This is the prime minister who was also in a hospital in intensive care. The idea that I would say something like this … I find it unbelievable. I was in that room, I did not here Such a language. “

In turn, Deputy Labor Leader, Angela Rayner, He said, Boris “weakened the position he occupies with an overwhelming outbreak and shaking. But remembering more than 127,000 deaths that occurred under his supervision and then trying to cover up this is a new low point. That must end now.”

Said the Scottish National Party Prime Minister He must resign If it is proved that he made relevant comments.

For group members Covid-19 bereaved families for justice, The alleged comments were “A. A punch in the stomach for everyone in mourning. “. Dozens of bereaved families resorted to social media to post pictures and memories of their lost loved ones, saying they were “not a body.”

The association also said that “Johnson’s insensitive comments will do incalculable harm to thousands of us.” These bodies were our loved ones. Mothers, fathers, daughters, sons, brothers, sisters, grandparents, husbands and wives. Those who have lost their loved ones are already having to deal with the lack of dignity that many of their loved ones faced when they died. “

Boris and senior ministers vehemently denied the comments.

These statements come after Dominic Cummings accused Boris Johnson of incompetence and questioned his impartiality.

a BBC He revealed an exchange of letters in which industrialist James Dyson asked Boris, at the start of the epidemic, to “regulate” the tax situation of his employees who were supposed to come to the UK to manufacture ventilators. Boris replied, “I’ll take care of it tomorrow! We need you.”

Dominic Cummings also mentioned Boris’ intention to finance the work on his apartment Private sector financiers.

Cummings also suggested starting an urgent parliamentary inquiry into the government’s behavior during the pandemic and accused Boris of trying to end an internal investigation into the leaks related to the government’s decision to impose a new prison term because it would endanger an adviser close to his fiancée Carrie Symonds.

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