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Blanca Libiaska’s mother is a new Instagram star. Who is Magorzata Libiasca?

Blanca Libiaska and her cousins

As they say, what kind of mother, such a daughter. We already know where Blanca Libiaska gets such positive energy, strength to act and courage. The author of three erotic novels that attracted a lot of attention in the media world showed his mother for the first time during the first scene of the movie “365 Dini”. Magorsata Libiaska She presented herself correctly, and a few weeks later she posed for a magazine with her daughter. Currently, the 60-year-old is actively involved in the network and maintains his own Instagram account, through which he shows his daily life. In one year, he was able to attract 100,000 peopleTake a closer look at his profile today.

Blanca Libiaska on secession with Baron:

Blanca Libiaska’s mother is a new Instagram star

Recently, Magorzata Libiaska posted hot holiday photos on the internet. In one of them, she poses in a bikini, and in the other, a short top showing a flat stomach, she looks at the camera and smiles genuinely. Also, he added inspiring thoughts to the photo.

Do not break the locked door, knock on it and wait patiently until it opens. You never know whether what you are expecting is waiting for you on the other side, or only the misery and sadness that will come with you for the rest of your life. Follow your heart, and one day, you will find a door that is wide open for you, and that is where your place will be happier and safer.

– We studied.

Fans comment

Photos of Macorsatta turned the internet red. There were a lot of comments under this post in which fans were delighted by the image and appearance of Blanca Libiaska’s mother. I have to admit that the body of a 60 year old is interesting. The woman certainly did not see her age.

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– Class as always

– Mrs. Magorsatta, you look like a teenager

– You are beautiful and young. Like Blanca’s sister, not mom – fans wrote.

Blanca Libiaska about her new residence. Watch the video:

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