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Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez in a growing love: 'spoil it with love'

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez in a growing love: ‘spoil it with love’

Jennifer Lopez e Ben Affleck They get close (and fall in love).

On May 31, the singer and actor went to dinner at the Pendry Hotel, in California, and a witness told E! News that the couple enjoyed a meal on the rooftop of the Mirwais restaurant with Benny Medina, the agent of the artist and film producer Eileen Goldsmith Thomas.

“Ben had his arm around Jennifer during dinner and they couldn’t be shy about being affectionate”The source said. “He looked great and he seemed so happy. She also seemed so happy and she always leaned on his side.”. Someone else added that Affleck and Lopez “They seemed very comfortable and relaxed together”.

When it was time to leave, the stars left the hotel side by side, always close. Once, Lopez rested his head on his companion’s shoulder.

“She’s crazy Ben.”A source close to E! News. “He spoils her with love and he is very smart and charming. He is a manly guy, and you find him very attractive and powerful. You want a long term relationship and see the future with him”.

This meeting took place just days after Affleck visited Lopez at the singer’s luxurious Miami home.

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