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Microsoft Windows versão apps loja

Microsoft promises a new generation of Windows very soon

Microsoft is poised to revolutionize Windows. This is an idea that was promoted for quite some time, until some images and concepts were revealed. Everything will be based on a new image and a different usage concept.

At Build 2021, which is happening now, Microsoft decided to reveal more. It was the CEO of the company who was brought up to the public and promised that very soon a new generation of Windows will reach the users.

Microsoft's CEO, Satya Nadella, was the same one who revealed a lot about what was to come for Windows and its ecosystem. The software giant was preparing for this change and the promised news had long been waiting.

At Build's inaugural event this year, the conference dedicated to programmers, it was promised that this new release will be much more than a simple aesthetic change. It will be extended to the entire ecosystem and promise a lot for everyone.

In the words of Satya Nadella, this new version will be especially for programmers and content makers. This will open up new economic opportunities, which means that the Microsoft App Store will have to change.

This is also not a new idea and I already have it It may occur over time. Microsoft would have to set up an app store, which would receive all kinds of offers, including win32, opening the doors to all currently excluded.

It is believed that Microsoft will want to go ahead with this Windows Store. It is said that it will allow programmers to use third-party payment systems, thus avoiding the 15% rate that the company charges for every purchase made.

With the end of Windows 10 X, everything is expected to have been transferred to this new version. The strange thing here is the change that occurred in Microsoft's speech, which started referring only to the Windows system, which means that it will be able to change its system names again.

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