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Bayern coach Robert Lewandowski has announced an exciting comeback

Robert Lewandowski is an almost irreplaceable player for coach Hansie Flick. He is not only guaranteed a 50 – goal in 36 games this season, but is also the captain of Bayern Munich, a man who has attracted the attention of many defenders and a driving force in difficult moments. This was until the national team break, when he was injured, which kept him out of the game for a month. The Bavarians’ plan to defend the German Championship and the Champions League has been put to the test. R.P.

The strained ligaments in Lewandowski’s knee did not heal overnight. Even with the changes, this employee problem cannot be solved so quickly. Despite this, Flick coach is almost always immersed in questions about Lewandowski’s health. No wonder he finally got on his nerves.

– Miracle Healing, Miracle Healing! – “Bilda” was reported as a contradiction in flick pages, then added: – It’s an exaggeration to keep asking about it. Such an injury takes time. When a player like Robert Lewandowski leaves your team, it is never pleasant.