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Corona virus in Poland. New data on infections and deaths – March 16, 2021

New cases of corona virus are reported in the following provinces:

  • Masovian Voidoship (2347),
  • Silesian (1716),
  • Dź Province (1064),
  • Lower Poland (1044),
  • Pomeranian Voidoship (1030),
  • Warmion-Mussoorie Voyotoship (1003),
  • Guavian-Pomeranian Voidoship (972),
  • Greater Poland (954),
  • Lower Silesia (936),
  • Podkarboki Province (785),
  • Laplin Voidoship (628),
  • Western Pomeranian Voidoship (458),
  • Ęwiętokrzyskie (373),
  • Province of Botlasi (304),
  • Lubuski Voidoship (288),
  • Opol (168).

326 Infections Data without address, which will be completed by health examination.

Compared to last Tuesday (March 9), there were 4,000 more 442 corona virus cases. The death toll has also risen. Last Tuesday, 282 people were reported dead – 90 less than today.

There are 21,000 in hospitals. Of the COVID-19, 2,000 patients, 139 were connected to respirators, the health ministry said on Tuesday.

The ministry said 29,000 patients were ready for COVID-19. 304 beds and 2 thousand. 959 respirators.

The ministry said Monday that there were 314,000 people in isolation. 744 people. So far 1,587 thousand people have recovered, the ministry said. 164 people have been affected.

A third corona virus wave is gaining momentum in Poland. There are more than a dozen or 20 thousand every day. Govt 19 patients. Minister of Health Adam Nidzeilsky posted a chart on Twitter showing how the number of daily infections is growing. He appealed: – Let’s be careful!

Experts and the government announce it We are not yet at the peak of the third wave of epidemics, and the worst is yet to come. Meanwhile, the situation in hospitals is getting worse and worse – In many parts of the country, there are no facilities for comfortable patients and medical staff are overburdened.

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