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Ball - Verstappen wins Imola and 'catches' Hamilton (Formula 1)

Ball – Verstappen wins Imola and ‘catches’ Hamilton (Formula 1)

Red Bull-Honda’s Max Verstappen won the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix in Enzo and Dino Ferrari Racetrack in Imola. In the second stage of the Formula 1 World Championship, the 23-year-old Dutchman “scrambled” to victory right after the start – he was third on the starting net, but finished first at the end of the first round, after winning “arm wrestling” with Mercedes Lewis Hamilton, who left first place.

The second edition of the Emilia-Romagna Grand Prix (the race opened in 2020 on the championship calendar) was as crowded as it was full of bumps. The start was on a wet roof, which is why Nicholas Latifi (Williams) got behind and collided with George Russell (Williams) and Valtteri Bottas (Mercedes). The first, right after the start, was resolved by safety car intervention. The second, when 29 of 63 laps had passed, halted the race and … Hamilton was saved. The Englishman was second when he lost control of the 44th Mercedes and moved down to ninth, away from the podiums (he lost a first lap!), But the red flag allowed him to fix the car and prepare to regain (many) many positions.

At the start of the race, which was held behind the safety car, Verstappen, who had never led the World Drivers’ Championship, was responsible for both the Grand Prix and the Championship. The Dutchman, experienced (and not troubled …), never stopped increasing his lead over competitors even the checkered flag, and for the first time in seven seasons in Formula 1 and on the ninth attempt, he won the Grand Prix in Italy – until today, as the best record, fifth in 2018. ; Last year, on three occasions (Monza, Mugello and Imola), three dropouts!

Hamilton assured that there are no champions without luck, he took the opportunity that was presented to him after the trial error (he made them very rare), and in 29 laps, he managed to recover to second place, and during the process, he made the fastest lap and got a bonus point that included leading the world championship. . It is Lewis’s 167th podium with 268 major awards. Interestingly, the British wins far more (96) than runner-up (41).

In Imola, in third place, ahead of Ferrari Leclerc (fourth) and Sainz Junior (fifth), McLaren – Mercedes Lando Norris came out. At Emilia-Romagna, the talented 21-year-old English driver achieved his best career result in Formula 1 (Austria-2020) and only added a second podium in Formula 1.


1.º Max Verstappen, Red Bull-Honda, 2: 23,598 hours

2- Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes-AMG, +22,000 seconds

Third Lando Norris, McLaren Mercedes, +23.702 seconds

4.º Charles Leclerc, Ferrari, +25 579 seconds

5.º Carlos Sainz Jr., Ferrari, +27,036 seconds

6.º Daniel Ricciardo, McLaren Mercedes, 51,220 seconds

7.º Lance Stroll, Aston Martin Mercedes, +51,909 seconds

8.º Pierre Gasly, AlphaTauri-Honda, +52,818 seconds

9.º Kimi Raikkonen, Alfa Romeo-Ferrari, +1.04.773m

10. º Esteban Ocon, Albin Reno, +1.05 704 m

11.º Fernando Alonso, Albin Renault, +1.06.561 m

12 Sergio Perez, Red Bull Honda, +1.07 151 meters

13.º Yuki Tsutaka, AlphaTauri-Honda, +1.13184 AD

14- Antonio Giovinazzi, Alfa Romeo-Ferrari, 1 time

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15 Sebastian Vettel, Aston Martin Mercedes, 2 volts

16 Mick Schumacher, Haas Ferrari, 2 laps ahead

17 Nikita Mazpin (Haas Ferrari) 2 laps

Fastest lap: Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes-AMG, 1.16.702 m, lap 60

Next Grand Prix: Portugal (Portimao), on May 2

The world of drivers

1 Lewis Hamilton 44 points

2.º Max Verstappen, 43 punto

Third, Lando Norris, 27 points

Fourth, Charles Leclerc, 20 points

Fifth Valtteri Bottas 16 points

Sixth Carlos Sainz Jr. 14 points

Seventh, Daniel Ricciardo, 14 points

Eighth Sergio Perez 10 points

9 Lance Stroll, 7 points

Tenth Pierre Gasly, 4 points

11.º Kimi Raikkonen, two points

12- Yuki Tsunoda, 2 punto

13. º Esteban Ocon, one bridge

14 Fernando Alonso 0 points

15 Antonio Giovinazzi 0 points

16 George Russell 0 points

17- Sebastian Vettel 0 points

18 Mick Schumacher 0 points

Nikita Mazepin XIX, 0 points

20 Nicholas Latifi 0 points

Builders World

The first Mercedes-AMG, 60 points

Second Red Bull – Honda, 53 points

McLaren third – Mercedes 41 points

Fourth Ferrari 34 points

5- Aston Martin – Mercedes 7 points

6 – Alfa Toure – Honda 6 points

Seventh Alfa Romeo – Ferrari, 2 points

8th Alpine-Renault 1 point

9 Williams-Mercedes 0 points

X Haas – Ferrari 0 points