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A campaign boosting flu vaccination for children this Sunday (18)

A campaign boosting flu vaccination for children this Sunday (18)

This Sunday, there is a booster measure in the influenza vaccination campaign carried out by the city of Recife. Prevention of disease is in effect until 5 pm, in the gardens of 13 de Mayo (Santo Amaro), Donna Lindo (Boa Viagem) and Citi de Trinidad (Casa Amarella).

The target audiences at this stage of the influenza campaign are children from six months to less than six years of age, pregnant women and women with children up to 45 days (postpartum). The vaccine protects against three types of viruses: influenza A (H1N1), influenza B and influenza A (H3N2), but not against the new Corona virus. Starting May 11, the flu vaccine will be expanded to immunize the elderly.
To get vaccinated against influenza, it is necessary to bring an identity document. The Ministry of Health in Recife also recommends that people take their vaccination card and SUS card.

The vaccination coordinator in Recife, Elizabeth Azobel, stresses that the vaccine is important, so that the health units are not overloaded. “The aim is to vaccinate people who are unable to go to health facilities during the week, we decided to place it in this decentralized way to make it easier for people who are looking for vaccination. He explained that it is important in these publications that parents take the vaccination card, as there are many children who have been delayed vaccination because of Epidemic. ”

Azoubel also says it is important not to confuse your immune system with the Covid-19 vaccine, which is a separate vaccination. “The influenza vaccine has not been more important than ever in this epidemic in which we live, and the symptoms with Covid are similar, so we avoid dangerous infection, avoid death, avoid hospitalization, and exempt health units from burdens. It is important that families search for units to protect themselves and children. Flu vaccination is separate from Covid, “the coordinator explained.

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Vaccination usually takes place during the week, when in addition to the three parks, 153 vaccination rooms from the Recife Department of Health will be available to residents. The list of sites is available on the city council’s website or the Connecta Recife app, says Recife’s immunization coordinator.

“In Connecticut there is a part of the flu vaccine, just enter the application and enter the neighborhood in which you live, and the nearest vaccination station there will be presented,” Elizabeth said.
Since last Monday (12), about 11,000 people have received the vaccine. Of the total, nearly 9,000 children, 1.6,000 pregnant women, and fewer than 500 mothers.

Mechanical technician Rafael dos Santos took his five-year-old daughter Rafaela to receive the vaccine. “The more immunity the child has himself, the better,” he said. “The health professionals are overwhelmed with more people in need of Covid-19, and preventing it is better.”

On the other hand, Professor Maria da Conceicao went with her 3-year-old son Lucas, so that he could receive the vaccination. He said: “This will help prevent it, as there is no Covid vaccine, it relieves our feelings a little.”

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