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Ball - MAN United-Liverpool postponed after fans conquest (England)

Ball – MAN United-Liverpool postponed after fans conquest (England)

The classic match between Manchester United and Liverpool, scheduled for Sunday afternoon, has been postponed after fans of the host club’s invasion of Old Trafford, in protest against the club’s Glazer family. Red Devils. Thousands of fans staged a protest march next to the stadium and also at the foot of the hotel where the team was installed.

The match was scheduled to begin at 4:30 pm, but after a meeting between the referees, game officials and representatives of the two clubs, the postponement was considered the best solution.

Unbelievable is the possibility that the match will take place on Monday, when the Manchester United match, scheduled for the European League, will be held next Thursday. It must be remembered that a Liverpool victory will automatically secure the title of champion for Manchester City.

Manchester United statement:

“After a meeting between all the parties, the match was postponed for security reasons. Our fans are passionate about the club and have the right to freedom of expression and peaceful protest. But we can only condemn these acts that harm the team and expose the masses, employees and police to danger. ”

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