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Pandemia CPI will have testimonials from former health ministers this week

Pandemia CPI will have testimonials from former health ministers this week

Marked by long meetings, with clashes between senators and even lawsuits, Pandemia’s CPI continues this week with important testimonials. Former health ministers Henrik Mandetta, Nelson Tisch and Eduardo Bazzuelo were first called to speak to the committee. Speaking this week should be the current Secretary of the Pouch, Marcelo Quiroga, and the head of Anvisa, the National Health Watch Agency, Antonio Barra Torres.

In accordance with the work plan presented by the commission’s rapporteur, Senator Renan Caliros, CPI will hold three weekly meetings. This Tuesday, Mandetta’s voice should be heard from 10 am and Tish in the afternoon. They will be asked about the start of epidemic response measures, crisis control structures, preventive measures and attention to indigenous health, as well as the use of federal resources.

On Wednesday, the audience will be with ex-minister Eduardo Bazzuelo, who must provide information on vaccine purchase policy, oxygen breakdown in Manaus, and government communication policies regarding isolation and the use of masks, among other topics. CPI Vice President, Senator Randolph Rodriguez. I knew there was a possibility that Pazzuello would be called again.

There was a request to collect the statements in person, but the hypothesis was rejected by the head of CPI, Senator Omar Aziz.

The current Minister of Health Marcelo Quiroga and the President of Anvisa, Antonio Barra Torres, will be heard according to the committee’s schedule.

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