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Ball - Florentino Perez refuses to give up the Europa League project (Real Madrid)

Ball – Florentino Perez refuses to give up the Europa League project (Real Madrid)

Real Madrid president Florentino Perez spoke on Wednesday evening on the “El Larguero” program broadcast on the Spanish radio Cadena SER, confirming his conviction in the European Premier League project.

“The project is on standby. We are all together, thinking about the future. Juventus did not leave. First of all, we must explain everything well. It took me three years to work on this project and maybe we couldn’t explain it, ”he began by referring to Florentino Perez, who was initially appointed head of the project.

“The Champions look is out of date, he is only interested in the quarter-finals. Last season, he lost 650 million euros. We tried to create a competition in which the most important teams in Europe would play, where they could earn more money, while remaining in solidarity with the rest, ”he explained, stressing:

“There was a campaign rigged to say we’re going to end football. There are people who have privileges that they do not want to lose. They killed us with terrible aggression. I did not expect. When all of this passes and returns to reality, we’ll see what happens. Clubs would lose more than two billion. I’ve never seen so much aggression on the part of the president of the European Union, with threats and insults. We have to save football and I take responsibility that Real Madrid is always a pioneer. “

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