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Perfect Channel - Xanxerê Health Department changes covid-19 vaccination site

Perfect Channel – Xanxerê Health Department changes covid-19 vaccination site

Photo: Julio Cavallero / Secom


In order to provide greater comfort and social distance, the Municipal Health Secretariat of Xanxerê will change the place of vaccination against covid-19 starting next Monday (26). The vaccination will take place at Arena Ivo Sguissardi.

The second dose, which is to be carried out as per the schedule specified in the vaccination card, will be carried out Monday through Friday, from 8 am to 11 am and from 1 pm to 4:30 pm, with entry through the side door.

Likewise, when the municipality receives new shipments of the vaccine to apply the first dose, the municipality will also transport the municipality by car near Arena Ivo Sguissardi.

The Minister of Health, Francis Mara Zaguo Pegoraro, indicates that due to the vaccination against influenza, the municipality has five vaccination rooms in the municipality that are open for influenza and also for routine immunization.

“We have nine vaccination workers to meet all requests for vaccination in the municipality, and with the highest quality of vaccination in mind, the Municipal Health Secretariat has chosen to establish a vaccination center against the Covid-19 virus, exclusively for the elderly and other vaccines for health workers, all of them in Ivo Sguissardi Arena “.

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