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Ataque a infraestruturas críticas! Desta vez foi a um oleoduto

Attacking critical infrastructure! This time he went to a pipeline

Computer attacks on critical infrastructures are becoming increasingly common. We recently informed Here Attack on water supply systems in an attempt to interfere with water quality.

The latest attack on critical infrastructure occurred on an oil pipeline! Find out what happened.

On May 7, a North American oil pipeline owned by Colonial Pipeline, which is responsible for transporting the fuel, was subjected to a cyber ransomware attack by the Darkside Group, resulting in a breach of the system's computer management equipment. To try to solve the problem, the company's CEO authorized $ 4.4 million in ransom!

Although the colonial pipeline had resumed operations, the ESET This kind of critical infrastructures maneuver shows no signs of slowing down, and is usually carried out by long-known attack sequences, indicating that attackers do not need complex zero days to outrun essential supply networks.

Attacking critical infrastructure!  This time he went to a pipeline

The respective Win32 / Filecoder.DarkSide has been running since October 2020. The same thing happened in a bunch of cyberattacks in Ukraine, where the specific properties of the NotPetya malware (also known as Diskcoder.C) were also identified.

Security risks are increasing for networks that supply light, water, fuel, or telecommunications networks, and from this standpoint, it is imperative that companies protect their services and systems to the maximum extent.

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